DriveSentry software supports Microsoft Windows 7
No annual subscriptions.

All DriveSentry software provides cost effective fully functional AntiVirus protection with no annual subscriptions for signature updates. The DriveSentry Security Suite provides fully featured desktop security and data protection for your PC and removable storage devices.
No annual subscriptions
Whitelisting powered AntiVirus protection.

Conventional security software relies on a database of blacklisted programs with updates struggling to keep up with the fast rise in new viruses. DriveSentry takes a new approach, combining a database of both "good" (whitelisted) and "bad" (blacklisted) programs along with feedback from the Advisor Community. You are not fully protected without DriveSentry.
Whitelisting powered AntiVirus protection
Tri-Security zeroday protection.

DriveSentry takes a new approach to protection using triple layered security. This three layered approach combines one of the largest blacklists, containing over 4 million unique virus signatures, with a whitelist of known “trusted” programs and a global wiki style community of advisors, providing real-time wisdom of crowds. DriveSentry also employs behavioural analysis to profile unknown programs.
Multi layered zeroday protection
Strong drag and drop encryption

All DriveSentry software now comes with secure drag and drop data encryption, designed specifically for “anyone”. DriveSentry includes AES 256 bit encryption, allowing encryption of data on desktop PCs and removable storage devices to TOP SECRET levels as used by many government bodies. DriveSentry is used to lock chosen data from prying eyes, even if the system or removable device is lost or stolen.
Strong drag and drop encryption
Protect data on removable storage devices

Most antivirus software will only protect your PC from attack, what about removable media such as USB memory keys and portable storage drives? DriveSentry protects all storage devices no matter what PC they are plugged into. You are not fully protected without DriveSentry.
Protect data on removable storage devices
Live Community feedback.

DriveSentry collects program access decisions from its entire community of users. Statistics are then compiled enabling you to access Community advice.
Community feedback
Detects over 4 million threats

DriveSentry boasts one of the largest and fastest growing blacklists of known threats, containing over 4 million unique virus signatures. If a virus is detected, in real-time, or during an on demand scan, the virus will be automatically sent to Quarantine so that it can not cause any damage to your system or data.
Detect threats
Total files in our database = 5,428,655
Virus files (un-trusted) = 4,874,784
Whitelist files (trusted) = 50,328
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